case study-organic search optimization

Case Study-SEO and PPC

The client is a privately held, nationally recognized health care leader, providing education and therapy for struggling adolescents. They run over twenty treatment centers in the United States and have been in business for over twenty years.

The Challenge

The company used a large, well-known, search engine marketing agency for over a year. They were chasing higher traffic results without concentrating on conversions and return on investment. When we took over the account the company had no Google or Yahoo page one, two, or three rankings other than their company name. Performing in a competitive marketplace, the company’s website needed to produce many more referrals and clients to justify their online marketing efforts.

The SEO Magician Solution

We performed an extensive keyword study and presented the client with a report of key phrases, traffic potential, competition, and ranking difficulty. After several consultations with the company’s marketing team, we selected over two hundred relevant phrases for organic rankings. These terms were good for both traffic and final conversions. We chose four of the company’s division web sites for online and search marketing performance improvements.

We installed an analytics package on each site and then ran a PPC campaign to gather more keyword performance data. We reviewed all on-page variables and the analytics data weekly and made necessary changes. Some of the changes included detailed page to page linking and descriptions that increased the click-thru rate. We added proven click-thru design changes and made site improvements as needed.

The Results

SEO Magician determined keywords, titles, descriptions, and page designs that immediately produced higher conversion rates. The site has earned even higher conversions rates and lower cost-per-conversion goals through consistent data collection, analysis, and making necessary refinements. The company saw the following results in the five months:

Conversion Increase Graph

  • Online conversions increased 200%
  • Online traffic increased.
  • Cost-per-conversion decreased.

The company was able to make significant traffic gains from its search engine marketing efforts. They received relevant and timely data to decide specific designs and verbiage that produced conversions. The company spends nearly half of their previous monthly organic budget and enjoys over twice the number of conversions.

Over 250 top ranked terms in Google and Yahoo!

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