Pit Bull Products, Inc.

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Pit Bull-Search Engine Optimization Clean Up Study

Pit Bull, founded by Charlie VanValkenburgh, has been providing high-quality, American made sports bike products since 1994. The company is recognized throughout the motorcycle racing community as a manufacturer of superior quality racing stands, and other motorcycle accessories. Pit Bull has enjoyed great success selling products through a reseller network. In 1997, the company started selling their products online. Working with a well-known search engine optimization (SEO) company, Pit Bull did gain some success with online sales.

The Challenge

The nationally recognized SEO company Pit bull employed was using questionable methods that went against several search engines’ policies. Google, Yahoo, and MSN removed the site from their indexes. The site stopped receiving organic search traffic. Basic changes to the site did nothing to remove the bans. The company did not receive any response from Google or Yahoo when questioned for reinstatement.

The SEO Magician Solution

For Pit Bull, a specialized online retailer targeting a niche market, search engine listings were critical. It was also important to rank for keywords that would drive the most buys possible and create and high return on investment.

We analyzed the old site and found hidden text and linking code. We removed all the old SEO code. SEO Magician performed a detailed keyword analysis to discover keyword rank position potential, ranking competition, and estimated SEO costs. We developed and set up a new on-page strategy and site architecture that conformed to all search engine guidelines. We contacted the correct search engine representation and explained the SEO Company using questionable techniques, firing that company, and the site changes that we had made.

We developed a natural internet marketing strategy that piggy backed on the success Pit Bull enjoyed in the marketplace and their sponsorship of well-known motorcycle racing teams.

The Results

Site and keyword listing for www.pit-bull.com appeared in Google, Yahoo, and MSN after three months of employing SEO Magician. Within six months the company gained multiple page one rankings for key phrases including number one rankings for “motorcycle stands”, “racing stands”, and many others. Traffic increased dramatically, and Pit Bull’s online revenue continues to grow and is becoming a dominate part of their overall sales.

150 top ranked terms in Google including over 50 #1 positions!

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