Laughing with the Bear

case study-organic search optimization

Organic search engine optimization for Alabama Bear Bryant site.

Laughing with the Bear is a book about Paul Bear Bryant written by Richard Sikes and published by Old Bay Publishing. Laughing with the Bear, sold through retail outlets and online, contains forty funny tales from the life of the famous Alabama University football coach. The site includes excerpts, book reviews, and where to buy the book.

The Challenge

The company introduced a new website created to promote and sell the book online. The new site received no search traffic. A limited advertising budget was available.

The SEO Magician Solution

This was a fun and challenging project that proves with the right product and campaign, it is sometimes possible to produce results with limited link buy funding. We used extensive keyword research to discover the correct phrases to pursue. The chosen key phrases would not only rank high in organic search listings, but would bring traffic to the site. New page titles, descriptions, and new content created a compelling reason for people to click through to the site and for other Alabama football sites to link to

Inbound links to a site are important for high rankings. In 2007, the search engine formula changed from one of “any link to a site” to weighing links based on relevance. In 2005 most SEO companies were using any link they could find to a site. SEO Magician knew that relevant links would hold their value for a much longer period of time. Instead of looking for a thousand “whatever” links, we found sites that were relevant and about football, coaching, or specifically Alabama football. We used an e-mail campaign to introduce and ask site owners to link to the site free. Sometimes we offered a free book to receive links. At the same time, we added directory and forum links to the site.

The Results

After five to seven months the new site had page one and two rankings in all the major search engines. Not only did the site rapidly climb in the search rankings, it enjoys many of those rankings today. Because of limited funding, SEO pursuits were stopped in 2005 but, because of forward thinking and the use of relevant linking techniques, the site still has high rankings.

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